Concept art of a landscape showing a mountain with a terraformer on top of it and a shuttle approaching


Render of an aged Terraformer on a flat field Render of an aged prefabricated slab-construction (Plattenbau) Render of a single shuttle parked in a desert Render of a desert showing terraformers in the background and shuttles driving on a road in the foreground Render of shuttles in a desert on a sand dune Render of a shuttle-station with a launching pad Concept art displaying shuttles flying through a desert Concept art showing the Terraformer in a wide landscape Render of shuttles in a desert with an oasis and cacti in the foreground Concept art of an automated, spider-like robot called the 'Gunbot' Render of a shuttle-station occupied by searching Gunbots Render of a shuttle being attacked by Gunbots Render of four Gunbots in desert during sunset Concept art of a refuelling-station with a garage on the left and a working mechanic in the middle Concept art of a landscape showing a mountain with a terraformer on top of it and a shuttle approaching Render of a city with a terraformer in the middle with the sun shining towards the spectator

Panthera Soundtrack

The Panthera Soundtrack has been composed by Aaron Costain and Wyatt Freeman; It fits the theme and underlines the atmosphere of the game.
Feel free to listen to or download the given songs either individually or packed in a zip-file [coming soon].
  1. Sacred Grey
  2. A Path Travelled
  3. Tavern Drink
  4. Solitude
  5. Synthetic Life
  6. Finding Solace
  7. Insignificance
  8. No Escape
  9. Free Will
  10. Panthera
  11. Rise and Rise Again
  12. City Entrance
  13. Withered Trees
  14. A New Alchemy
  15. Vulkan
  16. Fallen Sophocles
  17. Light This Village
  18. Initiation
  19. The Fallen
  20. Extrovert
  21. Antara's Daughter
  22. Wake Up
  23. The Evening Before Escape
  24. Fate Within
  25. The March
  26. Destroyed
  27. A New Paradigm
  28. Shadows
  29. A Wolf's Dream
  30. Time Warp
  31. Reaper
  32. Tip Of The Spear
  33. Wonder
  34. Vitamin B
  35. Chains
  36. Last Breath
  37. Brought To Life
  38. The Lab
  39. Frontier
  40. Way Of Life
  41. Machine
  42. Ethos
  43. Emanate
  44. Transparent
  45. The System
  46. Barren
  47. Clockwork
  48. Unforeseen Clout
  49. Preparing The Ship
  50. Awoken
  51. Arbitration
  52. Medic
  53. Hover Bike
  54. Havoc