Render of shuttles in a desert with an oasis and cacti in the foreground

Panthera Game Project

An Action-RPG created with Blender.
The entire team contributes to this project including work on 3d-models and Game-Mechanics.

Smaller Projects

These Projects are a result of individual work and are not part of the contributional work of the Traevaine-Team.

Panthera Wolf

The 3d-model of the wolf for the Panthera Game Project created by Dennis Haupt released under Creative Commons (CC-BY).
zip (3.2 Mb)

BGE Laboratory Construction Set

A construction set by Dennis Haupt for the Blender Game Engine.
zip v1.5 (13.8 Mb) | zip v1.2 (12.7 Mb) | zip v1.1 (11.1 Mb) | zip v1.0 (11.2 Mb)

Traevaine Corporate Design

The working draft of the Corporate Design for Traevaine made by Frign. It defines, how Traevaine will present itself in a standardized way.
pdf (280 Kb)